• Pre-Production VFX Consultant: Script analysis, Designing VFX content, Proposal and quoting.
  • VFX Storyboard: Observing and understanding the script, Planning shot sequences, Storyboard illustrations.
  • Concept Art: Understanding requirements, Providing artistic guidance, Concept demonstrations.
  • Previsualization (Previs): Action planning, Shot sequences.
  • Look Book: Analyzing requirements, Concept creations, Arranging and designing.
  • Visual Development (Look Development): Creative discussions and research, Visual experimentation and development.
  • Character and Set Design: Visual appearance, Defining character traits, Story matching, Setting atmosphere.
  • Onset Supervisor: Budget planning and management, Supervising of VFX filming.

Production Phase

Post-Production Phase

  • Digital Beauty Work: Aging and de-aging, Skin tone equalization, Wrinkle removal, Skin blemish correction.
  • 3D Production / CG Production: Concept design, Modeling, Texture and shading, Lighting and camera setup.
  • 2D Compositing: Layer separation, Image adjustments and corrections, Compositing visual effects, Rendering output.
  • FX Animation Production: Planning previews, Video shooting, Special effects compositing.
  • Title Sequence Production: Film and television, Brand and corporate promotion, Online videos, YouTube channels, Live performances.
  • Matte Painting: Creation of surreal, fantasy, or historical scenes.
  • 3D Animation Development and Production: Early-stage development to final package completion.
  • Motion Graphics: Film title sequences, Social media graphics, Short films.
  • Projection Mapping / 3D Projection: Events, Exhibitions, Concerts, Theatres, Commercial promotions.

Animation Production

Film and Television Production

  • Advertisement: TV commercials, Online advertisements.
  • Corporate Image Videos: Government image, Corporate image (e.g., Soil and Water Conservation Bureau).
  • Short Films: Set design, Shooting preparation, Post-production.